mailI was surprised to see at 7:30 a.m. how little water was running in the channels on either side of my Placitas ridge. Either it ran out fast into Las Huertas before dawn or the ground is thirstier than I thought. The creek bed, lower right, still had a small flow but it never had been enough to flatten the Perky Sues (or golden-eyes – I’m not sure which). The arroyo to the west had only a hint of runoff left. Still getting showers that started with a downpour at 3.  Turns out the moving water I’ve been hearing is the creek and not the arroyo. More feeding the creek. Anyway, water always exciting in the high desert, even if it does disappear at the drop of a hat. orno 2

Here’s the latest from the Journal science writer John Fleck and webmaster Robert Browman on Albuquerque and the Rio Grande. And let’s hope that photo editor Morgan Petroski can stop working long enough to have breakfast.

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