The food I have remembered the longest was a ham and cheese sandwich washed down with chocolate milk at the Ohio State Fair sometime in the 1950s.

butter cowMy only other memories of that fair are the cow made from butter and Sky King and Penny, who might have been the day’s lead entertainers.

Sky and Penny in plane

The sandwich, which I can still taste, was on rye bread.

I know why the memories came. I woke to rain clouds on the day before the the New Mexico State Fair and thought of “state fair weather.” Then came the sandwich and the butter cow.  I’m not sure why they linger.

Thanks, Dad, for taking us. You were then a reporter for the Columbus Citizen. Maybe I am dreaming but I think Sky King and Penny asked you to come up on stage with them and dance. It was a very big stage. I was impressed.

As for the weather, I’ll have to ask Journal science writer John Fleck.

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