I’m thinking great wisdom is embodied in these comments on work and exercise from the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon.

At least, I am enamored of his alternative view of exercise.

This is from today’s “Sunday Routine” in the New York Times. It’s one of my first reads each week.

“WORK AS EXERCISE I have a stationary bike and also a treadmill, but I seldom use it. I am sometimes very undisciplined, or lazy even, when it comes to exercising. But both my wife and I are well fit. I think this is control, concentration of your mind and disciplined life, very disciplined life. You don’t stay in the bed; like when you’re tired, you stay 12 hours, 14 hours. I have often seen some people stay all day long. But that does not help your body condition. You have to constantly work.”

Some of the Sunday Routines I’ve enjoyed in the past include Mario Batali, Sheldon Silver  and Robert Caro.

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