Good Sunday

Monsoon mountain 08-25-13
Monsoon mountain
orno 1
Orno runs

Susan’s grandkids,  Sierra and Mason, were down at her place in Ranchos for a visit. Cooper and I were invited down for a sunny morning walk in the arroyo.  No  walking in arroyos in the afternoon, though. Clouds flowed in and rain fell. Orno Creek ran for the first time in a long time. I could hear it from my reading chair on the ridge above.  From knee-deep Orno Creek it was a quick trip via satellite (Direct TV) to foggy San Francisco Bay for the final race of the Louis Vuitton Cup, the preface to the America’s Cup. The New Zealand team defeated the Italians. Forty knots across the finish line on a 72-foot catamaran, downwind on a flood tide through the Golden Gate. Red grit flash flood here. Bow spray there.

Sierra and Cooper
Cooper thinks maybe he’ll go home with new friend Sierra
Copper says goodbye to Mason
Copper says goodbye to Mason

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