Like a star at night, I spend a moment on the first bird I see in the morning. Today it was a robin sitting in dead piñon as the sun came up. Being a sensible 73-year-old, I dismissed the anthropomorphic tendency to think the bird was doing the same thing as I, observing the glory of dawn. I could only guess what the bird was up to, probably having something to do with food or a mate. But it did seem factual and fair game to recognize the robin as one small bird in the universe, facing the sunrise from the branches of a dead tree.

First walk and photos with iPhone 14. The usual subjects.

Walk enforcer.
Across the Rio Grande to Santa Ana Mesa, end of the Pajarito Plateau, Cabezon and the Rio Puerco.
Jemez Mountains, snow squalls
Serious wind chill, New Mexico whiner, snow-covered Sandias.