I’ve been asking myself what I can do as an individual American to help Ukraine and try to deter the Russian onslaught. One answer for me this morning is to accept higher gasoline prices for the time being and not whine. This is easier for me than most because I am retired. But I’m sure there are ways to mitigate higher prices, at least for the middle class on up, including car pooling and working from home. If gasoline goes over $5 a gallon, maybe government or oil companies should consider gasoline vouchers for working families below a set income level. Maybe a tax credit for agriculture and trucking. Maybe China can absorb Russia’s lost energy sales to Western Europe. I don’t know. But multi-nation embargoes of Russian oil and gas seem worth a try for the democratic world. If the World War II generation was able to endure food rationing and other shortages, to say nothing of family members going to war, surely we can do this.

P.S. Then get back to pushing hard for renewable energy and ending the tyranny of oil.

One thought on “What can I do?

  1. Cheryl A Waschenko says:

    I hear you about no whining… but something to consider in addition to your suggestions is to demand that the CEOs of Mobil BP, Chevron and Shell take a pay cut to keep prices lower…

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